There is the difference between theme support request and customization request. So in this section, we would like to help you distinguish and understand the difference between them.

We’re happy to assist you in solving the problem related to our theme as it’s advertised. We can not help you perform customization request.

Theme Support Examples

  • I have followed all steps that described in the documentation, also the video to guide installation the theme on my hosting. But it’s still not working.
  • I have followed the guide to setup the function that is advertised in the theme but it does not look like it.
  • An obvious bug that found on the theme when you setting up.

Theme Customization Examples

  • How do I change the component or pages to look differently as it’s shown in the demo?
  • What can I do if I want to remove/add the component from the header?
  • I installed XZY plugin that causes unexpected behavior from the theme.
  • The SEO point or page speed is low at XZY page checking.
  • How can I change the URL rewrite beyond the default rewrite rule of WordPress?

We offer customization service for our themes that you can use archive customized functions.